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Approximately 87% of all purchasing decisions are made on the Internet and just like the successful business marketing mentioned in my earlier article Marketing Your Skills to Employers Effectively?, a job seeker needs to have an effective online presence.

Creating an online profile compliments your Resume giving it an extra professional flair and widens your skills marketing opportunities.

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is popular with professional people such as employers, business owners and larger companies. This platform provides an arena in which you can display your comprehensive skills and experience portfolio just like your CV. And just like Facebook you can find friends, connect with others, network and share your profile with potential employers. Employers can search for specific skill sets and find you too.

This site is easy to navigate and gives helpful prompts for entering the information employers are looking for. Place a link to this platform in your traditional Resume that employers can follow for more information.

By now you should have a chronological (year by year) Activities and Achievements Register created. This document will form the basis of your CV and provide all the information you will need for your Online Professional LinkedIn Profile.

Your CV is a more comprehensive version of your Resume and is much like your LinkedIn Profile and provide a more detailed account of your education, skills, experience, life and personality.

This document might have headings such as
• Personal Contact
• Personal Summary or Career Statement (where you have been, where you are now, where you are going; your dreams and aspirations—a broader version of the two paragraphs in your short Resume)
• Education (a chronological (year by year) listing of all you courses, activities, awards and accomplishments)
• Tickets, Licenses and Certifications (include ABN, business name and Business Liability Insurance if applicable)
• Work History, Referee’s, Experience and Skills (who, what where when how and why; describe the position and the skills you gained from this position, reference name and contact)
• Volunteer Activities and Community Involvement
• Interests, Sports, Hobbies, Leisure Activities (describe accomplishments, successes, awards and things that just make you happy
• Travel (where have you been and why; what was great about it)

Once you have created this document, get it proof read for punctuation, grammar and spelling. We can help with that for a very affordable price >>On-a-Scroll>>

In this day and age, many destructive computer viruses can be transmitted via emails and their attachments. Many businesses have computer virus protection programs that automatically delete email attachments including word documents to protect their systems; this feature can also delete your Resume. Converting your word document to a PDF document will protect your attachment from being deleted and is a much more professional form of presentation.

But wait there is more…

There are hundreds if not thousands of job search engines on the web. They are fast, easy and convenient and provide an extra platform for getting your skills portfolio out to employers. They also send email alerts directly to your inbox on a daily basis making your job search efforts all the more easier. Some of the most popular sites are
Shine Recruitment
National Work Force
Spot Jobs
My Career
Career One and
Job Search

These sites are great paces to have a profile and Resume uploaded. Visit them and update your information regularly. Need some help with short and to the point professionally written content?

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