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Skills are like pearls;  display them well.

Skills are like pearls; display them well.

Online every day I see positive messages spruiking success. Businesses present grand illustrative content and beautiful graphic materials enticing customers and clients to choose their products and services. Customers and clients gravitate towards these exciting personality filled presentations trusting that the company will fulfil their needs, wants and desires perfectly. This is all a part of the successful marketing process.

A Cover Letter, Resume and Curriculum Vitae or CV are often the first contact that an employer will have with you. So your job application documents must work hard to show case you, your personality and your skills effectively. Just like a business’s marketing and advertising strategy, your Resume needs to show the employer you are the person who can fulfil their needs.

Your education, skills, work history and personality are equivalent to a successful business’s products and services.

Employers are forced to view hundreds of applications in a single sitting. Reading the same boring garden variety messages over and over again. Our education, work history, personal achievements, overcoming adversity and future career hopes is the crucible that shapes our skills, determination and personality for the future. This personal information is exactly what an employer wants to see.

Standing out from the crowd is paramount when your application is hiding amongst hundreds of others.

A new age and a new style of resume are now emerging to combat this high turnover of employment applications process. Applicants are now required to pass several reviews or semi-finals much like a contestant in So You Think You Can Dance. It is a long and exhaustive process and just like a dancing contestant, your Resume must be strong and skilled enough to make the cut for interview finals.

Most Universities have a free Resume and CV writing course available as a part of their Career hub. Using this convenient resource you can pull together the information you need to create a base document.

For those of you that do not have access to these resources the best way to do this is with an Activities and Achievements Register.

List in chronological order (year by year) all your

  • Education
  • Past Work history and skills
  • Current work history
  • Skills
  • Awards
  • Achievements and things you are proud of
  • Community involvement
  • Family and Friends
  • Leisure activities
  • Sport
  • Volunteering and anything else you can think of—it is all relevant.

Stay tuned next week and we will run through the next step in the resume writing process.

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